The Design Process of the We Don’t Coast Specialty Nebraska License Plates

One of the challenges was creating a design that encompassed a commonality of the people who supported “We Don’t Coast”.

Top 25 Projects of 2015

2015 was a great year. We are fortunate we get to work with such talented and fun people. Our focus is working with and creating brands that somehow impact the community in a positive way. We’d like to think we’re doing that by the projects we have chose and continue to choose to take on. […]

Benefits for SecretPenguin!

It’s hard to say exactly how long SecretPenguin has been in business. It started with Dave on a tour van, then out of our home office, then a co-working space, and finally dedicated office spaces. For most of this journey, I have been part of Dave’s “behind the scenes” support personnel. Our dinner conversations were […]

FOLLOW UP: Restaurants Are Run by Humans

I’ve received quite a few disagreeing emails regarding my last post about online negative reviews.   Let me be clear, I don’t think that Yelp or online review platforms are bad. I think they’re great and keep restaurants accountable.   But, before rushing to the internet to post your criticism, I’d like to ask you […]

Restaurants Are Run by Humans

Dear humans, Before you rant on social media about your disappointment in a restaurant or leave a bad review, please talk to an employee, a manager or owner first.   A good restaurant wants to know when they’ve made a mistake or fell short. They want to correct it.   Restaurants are run by humans, […]

We Bulldoze?

I love Omaha. I love the community here.   I don’t know the full story behind the historic buildings. Seems like a lot of different stories going around, and some people aren’t talking.   But, I do know this much… The community isn’t making this decision, a few people are. Our community is better than […]