It’s hard to say exactly how long SecretPenguin has been in business. It started with Dave on a tour van, then out of our home office, then a co-working space, and finally dedicated office spaces. For most of this journey, I have been part of Dave’s “behind the scenes” support personnel. Our dinner conversations were often full of future business plans, next steps, new hires, and on and on (with some critical care nursing stories sprinkled in here and there). About a year ago, I stepped off the sidelines and became more hands on. I was initially “hired” as the janitor/snack manager, and my job description has evolved over the past year.


In the beginning of 2015 I took over managing SP’s finances. We still have a CPA, so I’m not THAT good, but I understand the operations of SecretPenguin almost as well as Dave does, so this was a good fit. My goal was to make sure each dollar was accounted for and we were not letting anything fall through the cracks. When trying to find ways to make SecretPenguin more financially accountable, I’d tell myself, “I’m looking to save dollars, not pennies”. I was continually mindful of this in hopes that we would be able to offer more to the team than just a “cool” place to work. So, this was my goal.




For many years, Dave and I have said that when we are able, we would love to offer everyone benefits, not just to make SecretPenguin a more attractive employer, but to make the teams’ lives easier. Very recently, President Obama even talked about how many Americans (1 in 3) do not have a retirement account or access to a workplace retirement plan. The best time to start a retirement account was 10 years ago; the second best time is now. Same with planting trees I’ve heard. Also, a little really does go a long way.


Anyways, with all that said, I am extremely happy to say that we will be offering group health & dental insurance, long-term & short-term disability insurance and 401k matching starting in February and March of this year.


This is a big milestone for SecretPenguin. Almost as big as when Dave stopped working from home in his pajamas. Almost.


Sara Nelson
Director of Accounting, Benefits, and Janitorial Services