I love Omaha.
I love the community here.


I don’t know the full story behind the historic buildings. Seems like a lot of different stories going around, and some people aren’t talking.


But, I do know this much… The community isn’t making this decision, a few people are.
Our community is better than this.


I came across this…


I chuckled and became heartbroken, all at the same time.
And, it’s true on some fronts… It’s true a small minority of people in some sort of power have made short-sighted decisions and now may be repeating it and aren’t communicating well to us what these plans are. These actions do not line up with our community’s values.


I spent a year of my life, alongside an incredible team, dedicated to the creation of We Don’t Coast to represent our community.
It is NOT to represent the powerful few. It’s to represent the powerful majority of this community.


Let’s change this tone. Take it back to the people.
This community is made up of passionate, intelligent people. That is the Omaha I know and fell in love with.
Let’s have the confidence in the power of the people, and not sit back and let more of our historic buildings be bulldozed by a few. We can find a solution to preserve these historic buildings. Let’s not give up and repeat history.




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