2015 was a great year.
We are fortunate we get to work with such talented and fun people.
Our focus is working with and creating brands that somehow impact the community in a positive way. We’d like to think we’re doing that by the projects we have chose and continue to choose to take on.
Here’s a snapshot of the 25 26 projects we were a part of in 2015, in no particular order:



The Harbor by Jostens

Brand Creation
We started this one in 2014 with our friends, Mike Smith and Drew Newlin, and partnered with Jostens (the class ring people!) to launch in 2015. Rich, raw and engaging videos geared towards high school students, designed to help change the culture of the high school campus.
The Harbor Website »



Flagship Commons

Brand Creation
We helped Flagship Restaurant Group change what mall food courts could be.
Went through our naming process, got it, fired a confetti cannon, and moved onto our branding process, The Iceberg Build™. We worked with our old friend, Brandon Wilson, who is an incredible designer and illustrator to help bring the visuals and brand to life.



Yum Roll by Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Brand Creation
Went through our naming process and our branding process. Our friend Jason Meyer drew the octopus first try. We tried to make sushi very approachable with this brand.



Weirdough Pizza Co.

Brand Creation
Again, naming process and branding process. This one was fun. We got a little too weird at first, then toned it down to fit within the space. If anyone wants to do a really weird pizza place, let us know ;)



Yoshi-Ya Ramen

Brand Creation
This is named after the ramen chef’s family name, Yoshi. We went through our branding process and designed this place based off of the tiny specialty ramen shops in Japan.



Juan Taco

Brand Creation
Flagship named this one, then we went through our branding process. The idea of this brand was to make it feel like a food truck. We found an unusable Airstream on eBay in Colorado for the facade! Flagship drove out to get it, and made it work!



Clever Greens

Brand Creation
This was fun to rethink what salad could be. We went through our naming and branding process. Bright whites, raw marble and really letting the vegetables shine at this concept.



The Bar

Brand Creation
This one came pretty naturally within the Flagship Commons’ brand. Just a bar, in the mall.



LOCAL Beer, Patio and Kitchen

Brand Creation
We went through our naming and branding process and helped create a destination beer bar featuring 100 local beers. There are a lot of handmade elements in this place… picnic tables, giant connect fours, beer taps, artwork, etc.



From Now On

Brand Creation
We worked with our friends over at CRi and went through our branding process for their new app company that focuses on the experience people have at arenas and on campus. They launched Mavx for the new UNO Baxter Arena in Omaha. Read more on Silicon Prairie News, “From Now On offers a unique gameday experience at Omaha’s Baxter Arena”.



The Burlington League

Brand Creation
Going through our naming and branding process, we helped create The Burlington League. It’s based off the old train station, The Burlington Station. The place is meant to serve sports fans and their friends/significant others that aren’t sports fans. Both can come and have a great time with unique and delicious food and drinks.




Brand Creation
We partnered up with our friend Steve Gordon to come up with the name with our friends at the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. Then we went through our branding process to finish it out. It’s an event where you come in with a goal of what you want to make happen, and leave with an action plan to do it. This first one featured Seth Godin as the Keynote.



Finch, DVM

Brand Creation
Shawn M. Finch, DVM is a veterinarian and renowned online writer who speaks openly and honestly about the fun and challenging aspects of being a vet. She always has an animal’s well-being front of mind by thinking about things in their point of view, so all the colors associated with her brand is through the lens of what cats and dogs see.



Core Bank Healthcare

Brand Creation
Core Bank has a unique position of having banking knowledge paired with healthcare industry expertise. They have created an innovative new healthcare model, and we worked with them to create and introduce this brand within their existing brand.



WELCOA – Wellness Council of America

Brand Refinement
You know these people? The ones that create wellness plans for the United Nations all the way down to small businesses? They rule. As a new CEO stepped into place, we worked with them on refining their brand to help communicate the new mission. Our focus was on creating a more natural and holistic approach to communicating wellness. Death to death threats.



Jams, An American Grill

Brand Refinement
A legacy restaurant in the area, we worked with them to refresh it and overcome some of their challenges. They’ve since opened a second location, regulars still feel welcomed, and they still have the Coconut Chicken Salad.
Full Case Study »



Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture

Brand Refinement
We get to share an office with these incredible people. We went through our naming and branding process with them. We explored different names, held workshops with the employees, and worked together on refreshing their brand and communication. We’re working together to roll out more this year. We love these people.



PJ Morgan Real Estate

Brand Refinement
We worked with their team throughout 2014 and then launched the brand refresh in 2015. One of the main goals was to have it better represent and communicate who the team is. They are so fun to work with.
Full Case Study »




Brand Refinement
With another generation starting to take over the family business, we worked with them to refine who Mulhall’s is by focusing on and respecting the history of what the grandparents had built. It’s been an incredible journey of getting to know the family, the employees and customers. It’s truly a special place with so many great stories. We worked with them to develop a thesis to base all actions on moving forward to maintain the history and quality, and then created visuals and plans to execute throughout this coming year.
Mulhall’s Video | Cultivating the Beautiful »
Mulhall’s on Instagram »



Pitch West

Brand Management
We helped assist Pitch in opening their second location out West, and got to work with our dear friends at Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture. We helped with the communication of opening details, as well as finding photography for the space, created bathroom signage, designed a giant outdoor community table, outdoor signage (we’re excited that this is the first sign of its kind in Omaha, with only the sides of the letters lighting up – thanks for working through this with us and Alley Poyner, Omaha Neon!).



We Don’t Coast “Find Your Place” Web App

Brand Management
We worked with our friends at the Omaha Chamber on refreshing WeDontCoast.com, and also created the “Find Your Place” web app to be used for people looking to move to the Omaha area (however, we use it to find things to do, as well!).
Give it a try! »



Upstream Brewery Beer Labels

Brand Management
We worked with our friends at the oldest brewery in the city of Omaha on their new specialty beer labels. One was for their Oak-Aged Series and the other was for an Experimental Series. They were so much fun to work with! Looking forward to more fun in the coming years.



ilumin Art Show

Brand Management
To help celebrate the arts and the beauty that eyes can bring to our lives, we worked with the eye doctors at ilumin on an art show to do so. The AniMutts showcased their work with handmade animations and projections within the ilumin space.



24 Hours of Impact

Passion Project / Brand Creation
We worked with our friends in branding and communicating their vision for a day where everyone in the community gave one hour of service. It was fun to not only create the brand, but to see the community embrace their idea and make a huge difference.
SecretPenguin took some time to skateboard/bike around the city, giving out water and food to people in need. Read the full story here »
Sign up to participate this year at 24HoursOfImpact.com »



B-cycle Collaboration

Passion Project
We love the public bike sharing program here, and we use it all the time. The idea and opportunity to design our own bike came about, and we thought it would be fun! We worked with our friends at B-cycle to paint the bike SecretPenguin Blue, Jason Meyer built a wooden basket, and we finished customizing it with vinyl graphics and a metal SecretPenguin. It was on display in the Kaneko museum for the Design In Motion show through the winter. This spring, we’ll bring it out to the public and create a game to find it and ride it to win prizes!



inCOMMON’s You Are Here

Passion Project
We worked with our old friends from inCOMMON on this great project they were doing with renowned artist, Watie White. You Are Here is a community-based public art project designed to celebrate the people, places, and stories of Park Avenue, a historic community home to more than 12,000 of Omaha’s residents. 28 portraits of the people (and a couple dogs) that live and work on Park Ave, as nominated by other people who live there.
More about the project on inCOMMON’s site »



Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this fun journey.
Here’s to an impactful 2016!


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