What Everyone Wants

WHAT I believe everyone wants this: To be understood by their “audience”. We’ve found this to be true among a large array of clients… from tiny to large brands, actors, legends in skateboarding and streetwear, mom and pops, cities, U.S. Presidents, homeless people, and everyone in between. The one common tie between every single person […]

Why & How We Live Our Mission

WHAT At SecretPenguin, our mission is: “To add value to a community”. WHY If we went to work everyday only for our own selfish intentions, that would be boring. I heard this example, and it resonated with me… • If you spent a day shoveling sand in the hot sun for no reason, you’d probably […]

More Frequent Blog Posts

WHAT Hi, my name is Dave Nelson. I started SecretPenguin around 2000. Balancing being on tour, starting a business, and having a family has been a challenge. I’m trying hard not to be busy, but still be productive; be involved in the community, but still be there with my family. I’m going to start writing […]

Pop-Up Restaurant in the Chamber’s Courtyard

  Omaha, NE – June 29, 2016 – Market House and Over Easy‘s Nick Bartholomew, along with UNDIVIDED, SecretPenguin’s restaurant branding division, has partnered to create pop-up restaurants in the booth located in the Greater Omaha Chamber’s Courtyard at 1301 Harney St. Their venture together, named Dandelion, is an effort to provide a space for […]

Heartland B-cycle and SecretPenguin Introduce Omaha’s First Unicorn Bike

  Omaha, NE – June 13, 2016 – Heartland B-cycle, in collaboration with SecretPenguin, created a one-off SecretPenguin-themed B-cycle. When spotted, people can win prizes. Together with Heartland B-cycle, SecretPenguin created Omaha’s first “unicorn bike.” From Seattle’s bike share program: “The Unicorn is one bike in the fleet that’s decorated differently for a limited period […]

The Design Process of the We Don’t Coast Specialty Nebraska License Plates

One of the challenges was creating a design that encompassed a commonality of the people who supported “We Don’t Coast”.