Don’t Sell to Communities… Support Them

Our approach is to never sell to a brand’s community – instead, we support their community.

Minimize the Advertising Loop

Advertising isn’t bad – but when agencies have their revenue model based on selling you ads, it can seem like the only option. 

Surface-Level Branding

Sure, your logo and ads are important, but it can’t stop there.
That’s what we call “Surface-Level Branding” and it won’t serve your company for the long-term.

The Customer Experience

As a result of focusing on the experience, our clients advertise less and get more word-of-mouth because of the great experience they give.

Prioritizing Work, Community, Relationships, and Ourselves

Our mission at SecretPenguin is: To make communities better… and more fun. This is the reason why we do things each day. It’s easy to say, but how do we live this out? Contrary to our mission, community is last on our priority list. The reason is – if we’re thinking long-term about a community, […]

What Everyone Wants

WHAT I believe everyone wants this: To be understood by their “audience”. We’ve found this to be true among a large array of clients… from tiny to large brands, actors, legends in skateboarding and streetwear, mom and pops, cities, U.S. Presidents, homeless people, and everyone in between. The one common tie between every single person […]