More Collaboration

Since 2010, I have focused on motion work at SecretPenguin. To say the experience has been amazing is truly an understatement. SecretPenguin is a remarkable team of people. My favorite part of SecretPenguin is the passionate culture and honest values we put forth, each and every day. That passion has always challenged me to improve […]

Why Do I Design?

I had an epiphany during XOXO about why I love design. I have always loved to do creative things, like draw, or make books, or throw on the wheel. But I never could really make meaningful work on my own without a prompt. I didn’t (and still don’t) consider myself an artist. I had thought […]

Why We Are Working With a Bank

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been working closely alongside Centennial Bank + Omaha State Bank to create Core Bank. Some folks have asked us why we’re working with a bank. Read More »

What are the Wild Waves Saying?

Last September, I visited Portland and spent my nine days there exploring the city, attending the XOXO Festival, and traveling through forests and mountains to the Oregon coast. I fell in love. This September, I’ll be moving (for the first time away from Nebraska) to Portland with my boyfriend, Cody, as well as our friends […]

Omaha YP Summit 20×20 Talk

I was honored to be featured as a “Co-Creator” of Omaha and give a 20×20 talk (20 slides for 20 seconds) at the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Summit… Read more

Mandatory Quarterly Vacations

Last year, I learned something when I went on vacation with my wife to NYC for my birthday… Read more