We’re an experiential branding agency.
So rather than just focusing on the visuals, we focus on the experience people have with brands.


Since the year 2000, we’ve been fine-tuning each step to eliminate pain points for our clients (and us), and we developed a branding process called The Iceberg Build™.


To help illustrate this, we built an iceberg!
(When I say we, I mean Jason Meyer, the Multidimensional Designer at SecretPenguin. He focuses on building branded environments for our clients).


If you look at the inside of our iceberg:
1. TIP | OUT OF WATER The top is all white, which represents what you see out of the water, which would be your visuals (logo and whatnot)… and most stop there.
2. STRUCTURE | UNDERNEATH But, the majority of what makes a brand authentic is the underneath. It’s what you experience when approaching it. So, that part of the iceberg is SecretPenguin Blue to show where we start our process.


Over the past 14 years, we’ve helped create and refine over 100 brands.
Through the challenges of each one, we learned and produced SecretPenguin’s Iceberg Build™ branding process to simplify and clarify the chaos and intricacies of a brand.
We’ve worked to minimize the pain-points to provide an enjoyable experience for our clients (and us!) from start to finish.
And, in the last 3 years, we’ve created over 30 brands with approval upon the first presentation by using this process.


We got to help the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce brand the Greater Omaha Area as “We Don’t Coast” by utilizing our process to get hundreds of stakeholders and community members across 6 counties on the same page during the research phase.


We use fun and quick exercises to get all involved in agreement with each other.
And, rather than present multiple options, we present only one. We believe it’s our job to examine the hundreds of sketches and figure out what works and what doesn’t, based on those steps we took with our clients.


Branding is not just the logo, nor is it the graphics or fancy marketing alone.
To be authentic in your branding, it goes deeper than that to connect with your audience… It’s all about the experience.


If you’re interested in learning more and seeing if SecretPenguin is a good fit for your business, contact us.
Or if you want to swing by and just hang out, that’s cool too.


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Oh hey, here are some more photos of constructing the iceberg…




Piecing it together.




Bringing it into the studio.


Uh oh. Doesn’t fit through the door.




and over!


Drilling into the tall cement ceiling.


Hanging up.


Final touches.