SecretPenguin Restructures & Grows with Three New Hires




September 28, 2015, Omaha, Neb. – SecretPenguin restructured two years ago to focus on Experiential Branding, splitting into two divisions with new clients (Brand Creation or Brand Refinement) and on-going clients (Brand Management). Three new employees were brought on to accommodate the growth.


“We’re a small team that takes on big jobs to really make an impact in the community. We have to hire smart, self-motivated, creative problem solvers, and I believe that we have,” says owner Dave Nelson. “Each person brings unique skills and expertise to the team, but is also versatile enough to lend a helping hand wherever needed.”


The first hire was Lauren Harrison, for the role of Project Manager and Account Director. “As our business grew, we needed another person to help make sure the client’s experience was second to none, Lauren makes sure everyone stays on task and accountable for the work,” says Nelson.


Harrison says, “My role is challenging, fun, and very rewarding. Also, the clients are the best. It’s neat to see how the work we do directly affects their businesses. I love being a part of helping them to be successful.”


Jason Meyer was brought on next, as a Multidimensional Designer to focus on creating branded environments that provide unique experiences in physical spaces. One of Jason’s first projects was building a set of picnic tables and giant custom Connect Four games at LOCAL Beer, Patio and Kitchen. Jason also built a sculpture to visually represent SecretPenguin’s branding process, The Iceberg Build™ – a concept the company has used with more than 100 brands during its 15 years in business. (More at


Meyer says, “The entire team here is so self-motivated, self-managing, and loves to work. If you find one person like that you’re golden, but to have a whole team? It’s incredible.”


The most recent hire was Designer, Andrea Walters, who will be focusing on leading the Brand Management efforts for SecretPenguin’s on-going clients. Walters says, “As a designer, I’ve always looked at SecretPenguin’s work as a solid example of design and branding…so it’s really amazing to be working here now! There’s a fun, genuine, hands-on approach that’s really rare to find, which I think is part of the reason why our work really stands out.”


“Yeah, we have the perfect balance of working hard, having fun, and eating snacks,” adds Meyer.




SecretPenguin is a leading experiential branding agency that creates, refines and manages brands to stand out in a busy world. They’re focused on making communities better (and more fun) to live in.


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