Dear humans,
Before you rant on social media about your disappointment in a restaurant or leave a bad review, please talk to an employee, a manager or owner first.


A good restaurant wants to know when they’ve made a mistake or fell short.
They want to correct it.


Restaurants are run by humans, just like you and me.
Humans aren’t perfect.
Unless you’ve never made a mistake, please don’t post negative comments/reviews before talking with an employee, manager or owner.


I know that with each restaurant we’ve worked with, everyone’s heart and soul goes into making it happen.
That’s a human’s livelihood you’re hurting when you cowardly post negative online comments. We’re all humans, we’re all a community, we should all be strong enough to talk things out.


If you don’t want to talk in person, then call or email them.
If they are jerks and don’t care about your experience after talking with them, then leave a negative review.



We go out of our way to make it easy for our clients’ guests to reach out through online comment cards and opportunities within the restaurants.


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