I’ve received quite a few disagreeing emails regarding my last post about online negative reviews.


Let me be clear, I don’t think that Yelp or online review platforms are bad.
I think they’re great and keep restaurants accountable.


But, before rushing to the internet to post your criticism, I’d like to ask you to consider changing your view ever so slightly. Hear me out…


What if we looked at the community as if we were one big team?
You don’t call out a team member in front of everyone; you pull them aside and let them know where they fell short.
• They now have a chance to make it right, and become something that you would enjoy more.
• If they don’t care and don’t change, you know it’s not a good fit. At that time, a negative review would be appropriate.


Every person/business deserves that, in my opinion. We have an opportunity to make this community even better, together.


I’d like to leave you all with this article that I believe is a great way to live: A Modest Proposal: Better Criticism, More Art