New Skatepark

Kelly McManis giving his thoughts at the skatepark meeting. The city of Omaha is planning to build another skatepark in the La Vista area. 15 years ago we got together and started meeting every week. After 5 years of working like crazy, meeting with the city and other skateboarders and finally getting organized with the […]

BBB LTD Artist Series

Here’s a sneak peak of the 1st of many artist series boards for BBB, LTD. REZO, an Omaha-based graffiti artist that’s been a long time part of the local skateboard scene designed the first one. Todd Fink is doing the next one, check out his video part in H-Street Lick from 1993 (his section is […]

Micah Max + Hollie Nicole = Marriage!

Our friends, Micah Max Schmiedeskamp and Hollie Nicole got married today!

Dog Beds Destroyed

Went home to check on the dogs and play with them for a bit, and Riley chewed apart her and James’ beds. The floor was covered in green fluff!

Vote for your favorite design at Scout!

Scout Dry Goods in Dundee is having a design contest for a limited edition re-usable scout bag. You can vote through March 27 – April 6. So hurry and vote! There are some really good ones! I really like the ones from Miss Cake. Here’s ours…

Thanks Anderson Partners!

Thanks Anderson Partners for all the bagels! You guys are great!