One of the many reasons I'm voting for Obama

I made a website directed towards the people that are voting for McCain because of the abortion issue, and why they should take a second look at Obama. I feel kinda dorky talking on a video, but I thought it might get some people’s attention that know me through ministry. There are so many reasons […]

30 Years without an iPhone!

The other week, I turned 30 and my wife bought me an iPhone. I was telling Cody how it’s made things so much easier, and that I couldn’t believe I went so long without one. He responded with, “Yeah, you went almost 30 years…” Anyways, I had a great birthday thanks to my friends and […]

My Dad on Business and Life

My Dad spoke at Mutual a few months ago to a select few, and I was honored enough to be able to attend. I’ve always admired my Dad and the way he handles business, but I think more importantly the way he handles life in general. Here are some basic notes I took, and always […]

Another Busy Week

It’s been incredibly busy lately. Here’s a few things we’ve done… BBB LTD and REZO’s artist series release party was July 19th. I designed the seal that goes on the tail for the artists to sign and number. Check out more photos from the event. The same night as the release for the artist series […]

Tony McMillan (YNOT) R.I.P.

I just found out a friend of mine committed suicide. Tony McMillan also known as YNOT, was an artist and a big contributor to the Omaha skateboard scene. In 1992, he opened up Way Out, a skateshop in the Old Market that featured a resident DJ. He also was a rep for Matix Clothing and […]

Busy Week

It’s been too busy lately, but super fun and exciting. Here’s a quick recap of everything… A Day With Steve I finally made it back down to Lincoln to skateboard with my good friend Steve Andel. Most people know him as Venom. We skated ditches, curbs, wallrides and just cruised around. Definitely one of my […]