Joe Hammeke and Robbie Brockel stop by

Omaha native skateboarder Joe Hammeke – staff photographer at Thrasher Magazine and skateboarder Robbie Brockel were on their way to the Damn Am Contest up in Minnesota at 3rd Lair, and stopped by the SecretPenguin studio. Joe Hammeke may be able to take great skateboard photos for one of the best magazines around… And Robbie […]

Omaha's New Skatepark

I posted a while back about the meeting for a new skatepark in the La Vista area. I’m happy to say I was asked to be on the Metro Skatepark Committee. We met this past week and went over some designs and proposals sent in by a few companies. The top 2 were from Pillar […]

Valuing Design

When we opened our studio in our new location, we made a decision to try and support artists in everything we did. We decided this because we value design, and wanted our studio to represent that. We wanted to attract clients that valued design as well. There’s not really one set way on how to […]

Nice Weather

Sara and I went to the driving range, and Tyler Paulson and I skated my mini-ramp over the past weekend. It feels good to be able to spend time outside again. I like this photo cause the ball is still on the tee! Sara actually did way better than I did.

Skateboarding + Advertising

One of the things we focus on at SecretPenguin is making legit stuff for “youth culture”. I feel stupid even categorizing my friends and I like that. But there are too many Ad Execs that take skateboarding and our “lifestyle” and completely misrepresent it. Even some of the larger companies that you think would do […]

James’ Photoshoot + Photos

This morning Sara and I brought our dog James over to Adam’s house for a photoshoot for Malone and Co. with Andrew shooting. It was a lot of fun! We played in the yard, then James jumped in for a few shots, and then he relaxed in the back. EDIT: Andrew just emailed a few […]