Nice Weather

Sara and I went to the driving range, and Tyler Paulson and I skated my mini-ramp over the past weekend. It feels good to be able to spend time outside again. I like this photo cause the ball is still on the tee! Sara actually did way better than I did.

Skateboarding + Advertising

One of the things we focus on at SecretPenguin is making legit stuff for “youth culture”. I feel stupid even categorizing my friends and I like that. But there are too many Ad Execs that take skateboarding and our “lifestyle” and completely misrepresent it. Even some of the larger companies that you think would do […]

James’ Photoshoot + Photos

This morning Sara and I brought our dog James over to Adam’s house for a photoshoot for Malone and Co. with Andrew shooting. It was a lot of fun! We played in the yard, then James jumped in for a few shots, and then he relaxed in the back. EDIT: Andrew just emailed a few […]

New Love

On my way home, I saw that someone added a new “Love” to the Spread The Love piece! I love it! I’d be psyched if people keep adding to it.

AIGA – Meet & Potatoes

We hosted an event for AIGA’s Meet & Potatoes. About 60 people showed, and it was a lot of fun! Huge thanks to Red Bull, PBR and everyone that came out.


Sara and I went to Atlanta to visit my newly-wedded brother and his wife Cara. It was super fun to hang out with them.