Sara and I went to Atlanta to visit my newly-wedded brother and his wife Cara. It was super fun to hang out with them.

Cody dropped us off
Cody dropped us off at the airport. Thanks Cody!

Sara in downtown Atlanta with segways
On our way to my brother’s office, we saw a gaggle of Segways.

Playing Rock Band
We saw my brother’s office at Vitrue, and played Rock Band! (Vitrue is a cool company that provides technology for user-generated video for community sites they create for brand engagement. They have some big clients such as Cartoon Network, Chick-fil-A, Pringles, VH1 and more).

Olympic Park
After that we walked around downtown.

Skating with my brother
Then we went to their friend’s kid’s birthday party at a skatepark. It was fun skating with my brother. I don’t think I have skated with him since I was in 2nd grade!

jeep trip
The next day we took a trip up to the falls. We rode 2 hours in my brother’s jeep with their 2 dogs.

the fallsSara at the falls

Dogs playing
The dogs loved the woods!

We rescued a Chihuahua
On the way home, there was a Chihuahua running down the middle of the highway, all alone and without a collar.My brother pulled over and stopped some cars to rescue it. We took it home and the next day, my brother took her to the vet and got it vaccinated. They put an ad in the paper to see if anyone lost a dog. She was so cute!

Little 5 Points
The last day, Bill took us to Little 5 Points. We ate at a good restaurant and went to some really cool boutiques. I wish there were more things like that here in Omaha. Soon enough, I’m sure. Places like BBB, LTD, Scout and Trocadero are definitely on top of things in Omaha.

Brother dropping us off
My brother dropped us off at the airport.

Sara’s brother picking us up
And then Sara’s brother picked us up in Omaha.

We had so much fun. Thanks Cara and Bill for letting us stay with you guys and being so hospitable! We love ya!