AIGA Meet and Potatoes at SecretPenguin and What Cheer
We hosted an event for AIGA’s Meet & Potatoes.

About 60 people showed, and it was a lot of fun! Huge thanks to Red Bull, PBR and everyone that came out.

Meet nametags
We made nametags (this is the “Meet” part. Get it? Get it? Eh?)

And this is the “Potatoes” part! Yum!

grocery store
So first, we drove to the grocery store to get some potatoes.

penguin cheer family
We made it a family affair!

Eddie’s house
After that, we went to Eddie’s house to pick up a Wii. (check out his lion statues on his porch!)
We also got a Wii and controllers from Donovan Beery and Tom Nemitz.

Jeff Hug
Then we picked up the video projector from Jeff Hug.

Respire Creative, Bright Mix, NE Creative
And people started showing up. Here’s Andy, Dusty and Zach!

Mark Chickinelli
Mark Chickinelli and his son came!

Jeff filming Jeff
Jeff Slobotski from United Way and Packs of Promise filming Jeff Milewski (New Aroma’s Coffee owner). Check out the video.
Brian Smith and Danny Schreiber in the background.

Erin and Caleb
Erin and Caleb came too!

More people!

Bob Hankin
Bob Hankin!

Miss Cake and Alice
Miss Cake and Alice Kim came!

Ryan and Red Bull
Ryan Sorensen and the Red Bull team in the background.

What Cheer
John Henry and Denise from What Cheer, show off their potatoes.

Amber and Carrie.

Heidi and Drew
Heidi Mihelich and Drew Davies.

Greg and Tanya
Amazing illustrator, Greg Paprocki and AIGA President, Tanya Patry.

TCC Students
TCC Students (I used to skate with a couple of those guys).

Denise and Adam
Adam and Denise
I thought these were funny. In the second photo, Adam is on his knees.

Tom and Donovan
Tom Nemitz and Donovan Beery. Thanks for the Wii!


We hooked up the Wii to a projector.

Leanne playing Wii
Leanne beating Ryan in a game of bowling.

Jeff Boynton and Conchance
Jeff Boynton from BBB, LTD came by and so did Conchance.

We walked over to Slowdown afterwards to watch Cody’s band, Honeybee play.

It was a fun night. Thank to everyone that made it happen!