Kelly McManis talking at the skatepark meeting
Kelly McManis giving his thoughts at the skatepark meeting.

The city of Omaha is planning to build another skatepark in the La Vista area. 15 years ago we got together and started meeting every week. After 5 years of working like crazy, meeting with the city and other skateboarders and finally getting organized with the help of Marc Kraft and the Student Democrats, we got a park built in 1999.

Last time, we met with an architecture firm and I think things turned out fine. This time however, the city is hiring an actual skatepark firm. I think this will help with all the details we overlooked.

Seems like a lot of people are pushing towards a plaza style park and suggested no transition. But the park is going to be smaller than Roberts Park. So I agree it should be a plaza style park, but also surround the sides with transitions and banks. And instead of stairs, have banks or step-ups. People can still jump down them, but it leaves more options for everyone.

I’m excited to see how this turns out. I hope they choose the right people for the design committee.