In 2014, we took Mondays off for a quarter as an experiment. 
“Omaha agency takes Mondays off” (Omaha World-Herald) »

We loved it, but it was hard. 
The biggest challenge was that most of our clients were excited to get going on Mondays.

We ended up changing it to taking the First Monday of the month off. 
We’ve continued with that since 2014.

We focused on Mondays because Fridays were a nice day to all celebrate the week together. 
However, with the majority of us working remotely, we’ve found new and creative ways to celebrate together.

So we’re going to try Fridays off for the next quarter. 

We have found when we put constraints on ourselves, we become more focused. We’ve also found when we have more time to explore, we become more creative. 

We believe this will be a win-win for us and our clients.