In a time of unknowns, we wanted to create some knowns.

We put together this plan with 4 Stages »

If it’s helpful for your own plan, please use.

Hope you all are doing ok.

Stage 1


• All upfront third-party costs covered by clients.

• Cut as many expenses as possible.
People are not expenses, we are investments.

Stage 2

Cashflow Flip-Flop

High-Risk Clients
When budgets need to be cut,
we extend an interest-free payment plan instead.
We lose cashflow for a few months, but not annual revenue.

Low-Risk Clients
We then reach out to low-risk clients to see if they’re in a position to pay early at a discounted rate.

This flip-flops our cashflow and puts us in a place that makes it easier to get through these challenging times.

Stage 3

Shared Pain

We cut payroll by x% across the board.

We start conservatively
and revisit weekly as a team.

Stage 4

Government Assistance

Our board is carefully monitoring what’s available and we’ll act on options to secure the team.

This stage may happen before any other stages, if the opportunity arises.

True character is often revealed in hard times.

We want our friends/clients to look back and think, “I can’t imagine going through this without our friends at SecretPenguin.”

Everything we do will be through the lens of long-term outcomes. It may be painful now, but we will persevere.

Love and appreciate you all.

Dave Nelson, Founder and Creative Director