I believe everyone wants this: To be understood by their “audience”.

We’ve found this to be true among a large array of clients… from tiny to large brands, actors, legends in skateboarding and streetwear, mom and pops, cities, U.S. Presidents, homeless people, and everyone in between.

The one common tie between every single person and brand, is that they want to be understood by their audience… be it their cat, their kids, their significant other, their friends, their community, their potential customers, their current customers.

We all want a clearly communicated message so our “audience” can understand us.


I think it comes down to the fundamentals of our intentions (the why).

If everyone understood why someone is doing something, it would help clarify and eliminate frustration.
This insight is valuable to know as a brand because we need to showcase how the service or product can fit into someone’s life, and why it benefits them – then clearly communicate that.


The easiest way that we’ve found how is with these 3 simple steps:
Audience: Frame your message for your audience.
Differentiator: Highlight what makes your product/service unique.
Challenges: And how it overcomes their challenges.

Everyone wants to be understood by their “audience”, be it the brand or the individual.

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