At SecretPenguin, our mission is: “To add value to a community”.

If we went to work everyday only for our own selfish intentions, that would be boring.

I heard this example, and it resonated with me…
• If you spent a day shoveling sand in the hot sun for no reason, you’d probably hate it.
• If you spent a day shoveling sand in the hot sun to fill sandbags to protect your friends and family from a flood, you wouldn’t think twice.

The why is important.

This isn’t about us.
Working with brands means that we are influencing how people spend their time and money. That’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. It’s easy to look the other away and collect a paycheck from something you don’t believe in, especially in times of need.

The impact each of us have within our communities (no matter how big or small) affects lives. What if we did little things each day to make someone’s life (including our own) just a little bit better?

HOW do we use our work to affect communities
On average, each human in the U.S. smiles about 17 times a day (Martin & Kuiper, 1999). What if we could increase that by making slightly different decisions on how we approach what we contribute to these communities we’re designing for?

What if we came up with signage that made someone laugh just one more time?

Or, thought through how an activity within a space could bring families, friends, and strangers together?

What if we participated in a place where someone felt supported to follow their passions and learn tangible life lessons by experiencing failure and success in one day?

What if we helped a non-profit clearly communicate what they do… and more kids are smiling from good opportunities, good families, good friends—a good community.

That’s why we have a mission.
It keeps us focused on the bigger picture, even when work can get challenging.

HOW do we find a good fit with clients
With our mission, “To add value to a community”, “adding value” can be subjective.
Look at any debate within politics… some people think one thing adds value, while other people don’t.

So, we set up a 3 step process to qualify this otherwise subjective topic.
Every time a potential client approaches us, we ask ourselves:
1. Will this make the community more unique? Looking for a “yes”.
2. Will this make the community more fun? Looking for a “yes”.
3. Does this have the potential of causing harm? Looking for a “no”.

This makes it very clear to say yes or no when engaging in a project.

We are privileged with the opportunity to participate in making communities even better, and we are not going to back down from this challenge and responsibility. This is why we come to work everyday.

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