Hi, my name is Dave Nelson.
I started SecretPenguin around 2000. Balancing being on tour, starting a business, and having a family has been a challenge.
I’m trying hard not to be busy, but still be productive; be involved in the community, but still be there with my family.
I’m going to start writing more frequent blog posts of what I’ve learned, am learning, and want to learn.

• I’d like to share with people what I’ve found that works well within our business and within my own life of trying to find structure, happiness, and a stable business over the past 17 years.
• Personally, I’m also hoping to further the development of my thinking and actions by doing so.

I’m going to structure each one in a format that ends in practical next steps —
because coming up with good ideas is hard, but executing ideas is harder.

So, I want to share ideas, why they are meaningful, then have a way to execute on them.

In this format, to be exact:
1. What
2. Why
3. How

I hope you will find this fun, thought-provoking, and practical.

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