Last September, I visited Portland and spent my nine days there exploring the city, attending the XOXO Festival, and traveling through forests and mountains to the Oregon coast. I fell in love.

This September, I’ll be moving (for the first time away from Nebraska) to Portland with my boyfriend, Cody, as well as our friends and creative collaborators, Melissa and Lindsay, and of course Esme.

It’s bittersweet to leave Omaha, and I love the city and the people in it so much. The community just keeps collaborating, pushing forward, and growing. It’s a really special place, and I’m proud to be from here. But I’m ready and excited for the growth that comes from exploring and experiencing new places.

I’ll continue to work remotely for SecretPenguin, and of course I’ll be visiting Omaha frequently to see my wonderful family and friends (whom I will miss terribly.)

The wild waves of the Oregon coast are calling, and I must go for now.