Last week, we gave away $150 to whoever needed it on Facebook.
The response was overwhelming, and we felt inspired, heart-broken, …a whole mess of emotions.
We quickly knew we wanted to figure out how to make this a more consistent thing.

What’s next?

We developed The Unofficial SecretPenguin Foundation.
We’re going to give away $50 to 2 individuals every month.
It may not be a lot, but sometimes it’s just enough to help someone get past a hump in their life.

When I say developed, I mean we quickly drew up a logo and are putting aside $100/month, hence “Unofficial” foundation. Not sure where it will lead, but based on the urgency of the messages we got, we wanted to do something fast.

How it works:

What it’s done so far:

The $150 went to a family that lost their home in a fire. The money was used to buy their baby a crib and bedding.
We also went to pay for a homeless skateboarder’s phone bill of $35 so he wouldn’t have to rely on selling drugs for the money. We were so moved by his story, we paid for 3 months of his phone bill and hooked him up with our friend Mike Smith to help him get an I.D. so he’ll have the option to get a job if he wants.

Hopefully we can continue to grow this over time.
Thanks for all of your support! Enjoy your day.