Over the past 6 months, we’ve been working closely alongside Centennial Bank + Omaha State Bank to create Core Bank.

Some folks have asked us why we’re working with a bank.
Ignoring the strange judgement of banks and of our work, I could see why it seemed out of our realm – especially considering our typical style of work and the typical style of banks.

But, after we met with Laurie Baedke (Brand Officer) and John Sorrell (CEO), it was apparent to us that this would be an excellent fit for all of us.

Laurie and John didn’t want to simply create a disingenuous visual look and slap it on a bank. They wanted to create a remarkable brand that just happens to be a bank. They wanted to better the banking experience, starting with their culture and extending to the individuals who interact with the brand (existing customers, potential customers, and the community).
This was perfect, as our whole mission is to create better experiences.

A couple things stood out during this process that cemented our feelings of a great fit:
Laurie Baedke from Core Bank delivering food to Tent City
1. After the brand unveiling event for the employees, Laurie suggested we take all the leftover food to our friends in Tent City – a homeless community by our studio. She walked with us 2 blocks through a muddy field in 4” high heels to deliver the food.

2. John Sorrell signed all of the Core Code (Culture Books) by hand, rather than having his name stamped or printed on. That is just one tiny example of many that showcase the level of care for building something remarkable from the inside out.

It’s that genuine dedication to a brand and to the community that makes us proud to work alongside our clients – and that’s why we work with this bank.

The brand will go live Sept 3.