Why Do I Design?

I had an epiphany during XOXO about why I love design. I have always loved to do creative things, like draw, or make books, or throw on the wheel. But I never could really make meaningful work on my own without a prompt. I didn’t (and still don’t) consider myself an artist. I had thought […]

Why We Are Working With a Bank

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been working closely alongside Centennial Bank + Omaha State Bank to create Core Bank. Some folks have asked us why we’re working with a bank. Read More »

What are the Wild Waves Saying?

Last September, I visited Portland and spent my nine days there exploring the city, attending the XOXO Festival, and traveling through forests and mountains to the Oregon coast. I fell in love. This September, I’ll be moving (for the first time away from Nebraska) to Portland with my boyfriend, Cody, as well as our friends […]

Omaha YP Summit 20×20 Talk

I was honored to be featured as a “Co-Creator” of Omaha and give a 20×20 talk (20 slides for 20 seconds) at the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Summit… Read more

Mandatory Quarterly Vacations

Last year, I learned something when I went on vacation with my wife to NYC for my birthday… Read more

Yoo-hoo, the magical chocolate drink.

Above: Yoo-hoo, courtesy of Andrew. I still remember the first time the sweet taste of Yoo-hoo flavored my tongue bumps. It was a hot day in Iowa, stuck outside at the 2002 Vans Warped Tour. The lines for water were adjective long and I was adjective thirsty. All day we had been walking around this […]